A gift for a new mom


When I think of a gift for a new mom, no matter what occasion- Christmas or baby shower, it most definitely is something that will make her feel good. I know that for a lot of women, around that time, thoughts run wild about baby stuff, and the options are wide and interesting. However I as a doula, again and again, encounter postpartum emotions, when suddenly no one is amused by her beautiful baby bump. Instead of paying attention to the mom, everybody is focused on the baby. And now everyone is closely watching and judging the mother's ability to care for the baby, or when she will lose pregnancy weight, etc. New moms feel lost and overwhelmed. That is why I repeatedly emphasize, that the best gift for a new mom is something meant just for her, something that will boost her well-being.

This is exactly the reason why I decided to start my blog with this topic-a gift for a new mom. Here is my list.



1. Book "Like a queen" by Constance Hall 

- I recommend this book of my favorite female blogger Constance Hall, because a big obstacle for a new mom is her self-assessment and the ability to accept the fact, that she is the best mom for her baby, even if everything is not going as smoothly as TV commercials show. 

2. Tasteful nursing clothes - During the first weeks the baby eats a lot, sometimes it even seems like the baby eats all the time. That is exactly why it is important for the new mom to feel comfortable and like the way she looks. I discovered this clothing brand Silk&Milk meant for nursing mothers. The design is comfortable, simple and elegant. And this little black dress will be ideal for the holiday season.

3. Skincare- When the baby is taking all he can from the mother, skin care product will help the new mom recover her sense of self-being. I have two options- oils and lotions for skin elasticity, or a good hand lotion because moms wash their hands all the time and their hand skin dries out quickly.

I recommend brand Madara because it is made only of natural ingredients.

4. Bach flowers are something from doula arsenal. Something that can be perceived as “fairy dust”, but I have been repeatedly convinced that it works. Two drops of Bach flower mix in a glass of water, when you have reached your emotional low and do not know how to live through the day, and your energy is back.

5. Massage- a wonderful gift for a new mom. Invite the masseuse for a session at home or bring her to a salon, while you go on a walk with the baby. That will give the new mom an invaluable amount of energy and refreshment.

6. Food- when the baby arrives, exhaustion can be so intense and time so little, that moms often eat breakfast at night time. So when you go to visit, bring some healthy food, or order some food in.

7. Stroller bag- My belief is that a mom is also a woman, and for her to feel good, give her feminine gifts. Ones that will help gain her femininity back. For example, BRIAH stroller bag meant for everyday walks. This bag will never look like a baby accessory and it will help the mom feel elegant, while the baby has all the attention.


Best Regards,