Style choices for a new mom

While pinning inspirational photos on Pinterest, one can not overlook that Pinterest is full of radiant, stylish moms to be with beautiful round baby bumps. But it is completely impossible to create a mood-board with photos of new mom style after the baby has arrived. That could mean, that after the baby is born women don’t have as much time to devote to the way they look. Maybe. But I know that appearance after giving birth is very important for women to regain her confidence and energy for a 24/7 work schedule. That is why after birth wardrobe should and needs to be taken care of in due time.

One of the underrated pieces fo mom wardrobe is a T-shirt. T-shirt seems to be trivial, but at the same time if the right design and clothing combination is chosen one can create a great basic, but at the same time elegant look.

I have selected a few photos for inspiration.

new mom style

And the other underrated garment is a regular fit shirt or a blouse. That will be especially convenient for breast feedings moms. That could restrain the selection of color, or it will make one think twice about the selection of safe undergarments and breast pads. But in the photos I have selected you will be able to see that not only white or light blue shirts look great in a simple outfit.

mom style blouse shirt

Both of these pieces of clothing will be perfect for women who regain their pre-birth weight fast, as well as for women who would like to conceal the extra weight accumulated during pregnancy.

Get inspired and make your perfect combination!

Best regards,